Monday, June 13, 2011

What is "Normal?"

I love getting my yearly physicals, if my doctor would let me, I'd get them every 6 months or even 3 or 4 months. Its always better to be safe than sorry, and as we age, we're no longer the "invincible" teen that could rebound from a crash within a few hours.

When I get my blood work done I have them check for everything and every cancer possible (that is capable of begin tested for). Most doctors wont run those additional lab tests unless you request it, because they think, "oh you're young, you dont need to worry about that" But now-a-days that is very wrong. Many more 'young people' are succumbing to diseases earlier due to our diet and environment.

In my mid 20's I developed ployps which most people don't develop until they're 50.

I went to 4 different doctors. The first 3 brushed me off because of my age, and said the text book, "oh its stress related". But I knew something wasn't right, so I didn't give up. Finally I found my 4th doctor which didn't brush me off, and did a colonoscopy, which found and removed the polyps.

If I waited til I was 50 to get checked I would've already gotten colon cancer at that point or be dead.

Anyway.. I got my yearly physical results and on paper it looks like I'm in top health and I was pretty happy, until I compared my results from last year.... and my cholesterol went up (the BAD one) & my uric acid levels are pretty high as well. The top range is 5.7 and I'm at 5.5.. thats too close for comfort.

Its still in the "Good Normal" range but what if every year it keeps going up a little bit more, then I'll soon be out of the normal range and into the "Bad" range.

Its better to know now, so I can take Action Now.

My action plan:

Drink 3 liters of water a day,
More calcium, fish oil, more fiber and Vit C daily.
More alternative veggies. (I've been loving Spinach this year- but spinach can cause higher levels of uric acid)
Water and Vit C are good for reducing Uric Acid. Fish oil and Soluble fiber are good at reducing the "bad" cholesterol.

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