Monday, April 16, 2012

Running in a Skirt?

While on my run today, I saw a girl running in a knee length pencil skirt, which a small slit in the back. Not one of those tennis or running skirts, an actual pencil skirt you could wear to church or work.

My immediate thought was, "huh, she must be new to this?"
Then I thought, "Maybe shes grabbing a quick jog during her break and didn't have time to change?" But in this heat, it'll be hard to get back to work not drenched in sweat..

As I watched her, I could tell she wasn't a rookie, which made me think more.. "could this probably be a new training method?"

With her minimalist running shoes, the pencil skirt forces her to shorten her gait and forcing her to have a forefoot strike. Genius!

I don't know if that was her actual purpose or she just wanted a quick jog before lunch.. but it was interesting to contemplate her motives and keep my mind occupied during mile 4.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to try it yet.. but its definitely something to think about.

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