Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ruptured Achilles Tendon - Day 39 Post Op Day 27

Its been 6 weeks since the "incident" and about 4 weeks since Surgery. 

We got some 'good' news. The Doctor was aiming for 8 weeks in a cast, but we may be able to cut it down to 6 weeks (so 2 more weeks of a cast). Kevin was able to move a his foot from a 40 degree angle to  about 80-85 degrees right now. Originally, the doctor thought Kevin would only be able to move it to 60 degrees, but with his progress, hopefully in 2 weeks Kevin can go into a Boot and start weight bearing. 

I didn't think his leg would atrophy so much in just 6 weeks, but it did. His left leg is probably about 20-30% thinner now. 

I wasn't able to get a good shot because I didn't want to disrupt Dr. Smith working.  Also Dr. Smith has been really nice letting me get lots of photos in, and pausing so I can take photos. He must think I am one of those a crazy tourist that photograph everything.

Kevin looking happy to get a new cast.

Dr. Smith and The Saw that is going to cut off the cast. As creepy as it looks and sounds, it was actually safe to touch the moving blade. 

The Wound is healing well. 

Leg comparison. I wasn't able to get the legs side by side, next time. I'm sure in 2 weeks it will shrink even more. You can see how beefy his right leg is, and how smooth and delicate the left one looks. hehe 

Kevin's foot is placed on a contraption that allows him to bend his foot so Dr. Smith can recast him in that position. 
Almost at 90 degrees :) 


We also asked Dr. Smith to lower the cast, so its not so high up on his calf to make things a little more comfortable. 

The Skin on Kevin's leg that was covered by the cast was by far the Grossest part for me! 
I don't mind looking at the wound, or pus, etc, but 6 weeks of skin not being able to shed by itself, left for Nasty-Flakey-Fish Scale looking skin. Thinking about it makes me want to vomit profusely. I made Kevin scrub the skin off. Begrudgingly, he did to stop me from shrieking and scaring the dog. lol. and NO I don't have a photo of the skin. 

Cast comparison

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