Monday, November 22, 2010

Zensah Compression Calf Sleeves

My NEW favorite Accessory!
Zensah Compression Calf Sleeves.

Forefoot running has taken a toll on my calves, Achilles, and ankles.

In the home:
I put these on and immediately felt relief on my sore calves. Its not a miracle worker if you're in a lot of pain, but there is a significant difference from having them on and off..

The only drawback, is once you take them off, you feel back to normal again.. So.. not sure if its speeding up the recovery process or if its just pausing the pain..
We'll see.

On the Road:

Wearing these during training definitely made a difference.
It felt a lot more comfortable and less strain on my achilles, calves and lower legs.

I opted for the calf sleeves instead of the whole calf+sock cus
(1) I'm cheap like that, I didnt' want to buy 7 pairs of compression socks at $45/each, where 1 calf sleeve can be paired with any sock
(2) I like to experiment with socks cus my feet are high maintenance {aka everything makes them hurt}

I did some research and this brand got pretty high reviews and is a Very decent price at $35-40/pair, where Zoot is $55 for 1 leg!! can you believe that?

*Update* the price has now gone up a bit.. its around $40 a pair, or $20 for 1 leg


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