Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Falling Down While Running

Just wondering if other runners experience this alot...i run outdoors 5 1/2 miles a day and i run on the sidewalk usually...every couple years i fall.....i dont even know how...i have good shoes i dont slip or trip..but just fall like my whole body slides..but i get back up and finish running all bloody and banged today i had another fall but thank god i had a jacket and capri workout pants on so the damage wasnt as bad as in the summer when i wear tank tops and shorts..anyhow after i got home i didnt even remember how it happened...but i had the injuries..i just thank god that everytime i fall i dont break anything..just bruises and scrapes...does anyone else experience this alot


When does it happen in the middle, beginning or near the end or your run?

Do you only run 5 miles or do you vary with more and less mileage?

If its during the beginning, it might be due to your legs needing a warmup and a good stretch to get the muscles relaxed and flexed.

If its in the middle or near the end of your run, it may be due to your legs are tired and not strong enough, which could be due to nutrition, not enough protein, or hydration so your muscles aren't flexing and contracting at their optimal level. One little twitch and you're on the ground.

Strengthen your legs with exercies, like lunges and vary the mileage so you go like 6-8 miles so your legs get stronger and used to running longer distances, so when you hit 5 miles you legs will think it'll only be the "middle" of the run.

When our legs get tired near the end of our run, you dont realized but you dont lift your leg up as high off the ground as when you start, so your foot is more prone to tripping over objects, or just buckling over.

Hope this helps :)


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