Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't wait for New Year's to make a Resolution.

Don't wait for Tomorrow for something you can change today. DO IT.

Since Ben's Video, its been very inspiring to me. Not just for working out, but for life.. If you want to take that vacation, Do it. If you want to eat that cake, Do it. If you want to take a walk, Do it. If you want to try that new place, Do It. Just Do Life. (

Something has been looming over my head for a few months, and instead of waiting for New Years to address it, I'm gonna get some balls and tackle it head on..

I know I haven't been as focused on improving my running for the past few months. I'll run just to run.. to do the cardio, to get the miiles, but my mind hasn't been focused, and I know my performance has suffered for it.. With Life and School and Work, it gets hard to find the time.. I LOVE my new job that gives me the flexibility to focus on my workouts, so I really have 1 less excuse.

So.. My resolution is to run each morning/day.. Be it 15 mins or 60 mins.. I will get a run in each morning, in addition to my regular work outs later in the day. I've been so distracted with doing other workouts, swim, bike, yoga, weights, etc that I keep putting running on the back-burner, not having time for it. Its been months since I've even attempted a HIIT or sprints session. So getting it done in the morning, I'll have no excuse.

Each morning, will be my "run time" Time to get focused. So far Day 2 has been on track, and it feels great!


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